Small Business Center

UX audit
information architecture

FedEx’s Small Business Center is a subdomain of with an emphasis on content marketing, soft-selling FedEx services to small business owners via useful shipping tips and educational articles. Through my digital agency employer, I have been working with FedEx in Canada and the U.S. since 2016 with a focus on improving the overall user experience for customers and prospects and optimization specific pages for conversion.

In the client’s words, there was “something wrong with our Small Business Center, but I can’t articulate what it is.” This statement initiated a detailed UX audit through which I evaluated the current website and proposed numerous updates to improve content engagement and ultimately nudge users to conversion points.

Low fidelity wireframe and visual design components included as part of UX findings / recommendations

My role in this project:

  • Conducted a detailed heuristic audit of the current FedEx Small Business Center digital property
  • Prepared medium-fidelity wireframe prototypes to depict recommended updates and enhancements
  • Worked with FedEx client teams to prioritize changes and coordinate with internal publishing teams
  • Consulted with FedEx’s AEM resources to explore the feasibility of upgrades
  • Performed updates to AEM pages and templates for select recommendations/updates
  • Prepared visual design concepts (adhering to FedEx’s branding agency’s guidance) for key pages with Small Business content

This project was unique in that it was conducted while FedEx was undergoing a complete redesign of its global property, As a result, my recommendations needed to be tempered with many unknowns surrounding the final visual design and launch dates.

As the new visual design rolls out across FedEx properties, I continue to work with the U.S. Small Business team to implement the enhancements proposed in my recommendations report, working with various implementation teams on the FedEx side.

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