Children's Mercy Hospital

Small Change Big Difference Campaign

back end development
ux audit
front end development
mood boards
visual design
usability testing
user flows
low-fi prototyping
information architecture

Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City (CMH) is nationally recognized for delivering high- quality, compassionate pediatric care. The hospital is a non-profit that relies on donors to operate and provide world-class care for its patients.‍

Through a digital agency partner, we worked with CMH to turn an innovative donation campaign concept into reality - a birthday party donation hub that allowed parents to organize their children’s birthday parties using donations in place of gifts from party attendees.

We began the process by mapping out the touchpoints for users and back-end processes to enable both the gift gallery and fulfillment for party planners. This diagram helped to identify the functionality required to realize the birthday planning concept and the various components that would need to be developed to power the campaign.

My role in this project

  • Conducted a competitive review of similar services available such as WeightWatchers®, MyFitnessPal® and Noom®
  • Developed an overall user flow depicting service onboarding, food logging and integration with 3rd party services
  • Designed and built an extensive set of high-fidelity prototypes using AxureRP
  • Created a detailed property map that presented technology requirements alonside user interactions within the application
  • Completed a full branding exercise including mood boards, logo concepts and associated collateral
  • Designed various app screens and user flows using Sketch
  • Liaised with app developers throughout MVP process
Mobile app visual design samples
Unlike other weight loss apps, Fitmethod aims to simplify the often laborious process of finding and logging food.

In three simple interactions, a food can be entered into the user's food diary. User behavior is rewarded with achievements and educational content around nutrition. is some text inside of a div block.
Navigation and flow samples
The "My day" dashboard provides users with an overview of their current food diary with macronutrient and exercise activity visualizations.
Visual identity mood boards
As part of the rebranding exercise, I developed initial logo concepts paired with mood boards to demonstrate the corresponding design languages.
High-fidelity prototyping
Using AxureRP, I developed an extensive set of high-fidelity mobile prototypes that simulated key tasks like onboarding, logging food and entering physical activity.
User journey mapping
I developed a hybrid user journey / technology diagram that presented user movement through the app alongside key technology decision points. This was developed in parallel with business modelling.
Competitive review
As part of my competitive review, I diagramed one of the key differentiators for Fitmethod - simplified food logging. In this diagram, the number of overall interactions are compared between MyFitnesspal (a key competitor) and Fitmethod for logging a simple food like a banana, and a more complex food like a sandwich.

Our role in this project

  • Worked with client and agency partners to build out the foundational concept into a viable, usable digital campaign, depicted in a platform/interplay visualization
  • Prepared extensive, medium-fidelity wireframes to illustrate application flow and behaviour, including account creation, party setup, gift gallery selection and party launch
  • Built out user flow variations for party hosts and party attendees
  • Coordinated with a third-party visual designer to prepare screen mockups
  • Created mobile visual designs
  • Coordinated with third-party development partner Blackbaud through the entire front
    and back-end development process

An extensive set of low-fidelity wireframes was developed to fully realize the concept, showing the proposed experience for different audiences (party planners and party attendees). These wireframes played a crucial role in helping CMH’s third-party developer understand the scope and plan resources for the build. As part of this process, we conducted multiple walkthroughs of the wireframes with the development team to fully map out functional requirements.

Through our contributions, the project launched successfully on time and budget despite many challenges, including:

  • A moving deliverable target in terms of feature sets as various newcomers were added to the project
  • Managing work across separate teams for development, visual design and content development
  • Responding to timing/resources challenges by the development partner

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