First click testing

First click testing examines which interface element test participants would click on to complete their intended task. It allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the linking structure of your site to see if users know how to navigate and complete tasks. This testing methodology can be performed on a functioning website, a prototype, or even a static wireframe or mockup.

Aside from understanding where users click first, this testing methodology also:

Forces us to appropriately define optimal and "correct" paths in the context of specific user types and use cases

Is highly flexible, allowing for low-fidelity wireframes, interactive prototypes, static visual designs or live websites to be tested

Helps us identify barriers to the first click, exposing distractions such as content or design elements, even if they were successful in completing their task

Use this first click testing to boost your conversion rates

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Sample activities + deliverables

Testing protocol and scope definition

Test bed development and deployment

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