UX Research

UX research can take many forms, each carrying its own set of benefits, activities and resulting insights. Knowing with type of research will generate the most appropriate findings and corresponding actions can often be challenging, however.

For example, it may be tempting to dive right into a tactical exercise such as card sorting to fast track an information architecture project. And while card sorting will indeed offer some useful results, by its nature it is limited by our own biases and assumptions. In this scenario, beginning with stakeholder interviews or even a simple email survey can provide incredibly useful feedback to ensure subsequent validation methods are grounded in actual input from users.

Input UX offers a wide range of UX research methods that can deliver  qualitative and quantitative insights while picking up on both behavioural and attitudinal perspectives.

A diagram depicting the landscape of various UX research methods provided by Input UX

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Sample activities + deliverables

Defining research method and approach

Testing protocol and script and recruiting plan

Detailed recommendations report outlining changes to address problem areas and user feedback where applicable

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