Heuristic user experience audits

A heuristic user experience audit is a highly-structured methodology to obtain actionable feedback for organizations to improve the UX of a digital platform. We use a proprietary, 250+ indicator workbook that highlights key UX barriers such as usability issues, underperforming content, and bumps along the user journey. Best of all, it sets the stage for you to move right into enhancements and optimization.

Sample scorecard from a heuristic UX audit

When we conduct an audit for you, your score is only a starting point. It exposes areas of your digital property that need attention, but that only gives you part of the picture. The real value comes from our scoring analysis and producing detailed recommendations to address challenge areas individually. We use thematic categories in our findings reports to provide scoring rationales and examples on how they can be improved.

Lastly, we work with you to identify the recommendations you'd like to move forward with and prioritize them. We visualize the implementation of these activities in a roadmap informed by resource availability, budget, and other business decisions that will impact the sequence of activities.

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Get actionable feedback to improve your digital platform.

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Sample activities + deliverables

Findings summary and scorecard

Heuristic audit workbook with commentaries and observations

Deep-dive analysis with detailed recommendations

Implementation roadmap, prioritized by level of effort and projected impact

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The heuristic user experience audit

The fastest, most effective way to get actionable feedback to direct your digital property renovations.

Is there something wrong with your website but you can't quite put your finger on it? The heuristic user experience audit takes the guesswork out of website and application analysis, giving you a rock-solid foundation upon which to plan and roll out your improvements.

Bifold cover image of our heuristic UX audit white paper

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