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Through a digital agency partner, we have been a member of Magna International’s digital AOR since 2004, working with various stakeholders and business lines to evolve their digital presence over three website generations. The most recent version, launched in 2010, no longer reflected Magna’s position as a global leader in automotive innovation and product delivery.

Like many large organizations, Magna always tended to move slowly when adopting change or new communication/marketing concepts. We initiated this project with an educational session with business unit leads. This session helped paint a picture for stakeholders regarding current conventions related to navigation, page layouts, and interactivity.

To help move this project forward, we prepared high-fidelity wireframe prototypes to give the client team tangible examples of their web presence could be reimagined with a specific emphasis on storytelling site-wide. Our scope for this engagement included:

  • Conducting an in-depth heuristic website audit, the resulting recommendations which lead to the 2016 redesign project
  • Educating business stakeholders on current UX/IXD trends
  • Performing consultations with business line stakeholders to understand customer and business requirements better
  • Reimagining the site architecture to deliver a more user-centric hierarchy of information and support a more storytelling-driven approach to content
  • Validating the site structure through tree testing usability exercises with internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing an extensive, ultra-high fidelity set of wireframes, demonstrating the new approach to content, design, and conversion
  • Contributing to the development of an engaging visual design for select pages and provided art direction to designers to establish a design approach that aligns with Magna’s position in the industry today with an emphasis on product innovation

Engagement details

The storytelling concept helped draw relationships between Magna’s employees, their products, and the company’s philosophy about fostering innovation. While these high-fidelity prototypes were carefully positioned to the client as conceptual (and not final visual designs), they were enormously successful in achieving buy-in from the various business units and sub-brands within the Magna family.

In developing the final visual design, we collaborated with Magna’s branding agency, who had established an updated visual language and corporate guidelines.


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