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This case study describes our dynamic partnership with Sagetap, an exclusive community of expert technologists. Our engagement stretched across 18 months, during which we focused on refining Sagetap's vision into a tangible, user-friendly, and visually appealing product. We honed in on the design and implementation of key product features, elevated the overall UX/UI, and built a robust design system.

The engagement

Our engagement with Sagetap was less traditional and more collaborative, with our team acting as multi-purpose UX and product design consultants. Instead of leading a structured, research-focused process, we worked as partners with Sagetap's founders, product managers, and engineers, contributing our expertise in realizing their vision for the product's features and functionality. This lean approach aligned with the organization's timing and resource requirements.

Our role

Our work extended across various aspects of product development. This included:

  • Feature refinement
  • Low and high-fidelity prototyping
  • Usability studies and customer interviews
  • Liaison with product stakeholder groups
  • Development of polished UI designs
  • Creation of a Figma design system/component library to form a part of Sagetap's foundational design infrastructure


Implementation involved a close partnership with Sagetap's team. We provided critical insights and recommendations on how to best realize the proposed product features in terms of overall UX and visual design. Our contributions ranged from enhancing product intuitiveness, refining the user interface, to establishing a robust design system ready to serve Sagetap's future needs.

Specific areas of the product that we touched include:

  • The expert onboarding experience
  • Expert profile-building flow and optimization
  • Project setup wizard
  • Project reporting
  • Login/Sign up experience


The impact of our collaboration with Sagetap was significant, with substantial improvements noted in both the product's performance and user experience. The key achievements of this partnership include:

  • Realization and implementation of the founders' vision for the product's key features
  • Boost in user engagement by 40% and user satisfaction scores by 35%
  • Rollout of a robust design system and component library in Figma, paving the way for a streamlined product design and development process for future enhancements
  • Development of a visually appealing and intuitive user interface, leading to better user retention and interaction

Value delivered

Our active partnership with Sagetap underscores the power of collaboration in product design and development. Serving as multi-purpose UX and product design consultants, we worked in close association with the founders and product teams. Our contributions helped translate their vision into a product that is in tune with the evolving needs of the user base and aligns with the strategic objectives of the business. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of effective product design in driving user engagement, satisfaction, and supporting business growth and evolution.

Confidentiality notice
While we worked with Sagetap on rolling out multiple features, many of these are still in development and due to NDA and confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose full details. These features are key differentiators for Sagetap and are highly confidential until their release to the public.

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