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TLDR summary of this engagement

Input UX partnered with Split Software, a feature delivery platform that powers feature flag management, software experimentation, and continuous delivery, for an extensive 18-month engagement. Split experienced phenomenal expansion in 2021, outpacing the product team's own growth. As a result, the product faced challenges with usability, a fragmented design system, accessibility, and UI/interaction design. Our varied and long-term mandate included design system development and documentation, onboarding experience redesign, feature enhancements and explorations, and playing a key role in the complete redesign of some of the core features of the product.

Through end-to-end design system overhaul, reimagining login and registration flows, prototyping workspace object models, conducting competitor reviews, and reimagining core features, we helped Split elevate its user experience. The rollout of the enhanced experience is underway, with updated onboarding and administration features receiving positive feedback. Our user-centered approach ensures Split's next product iteration will be highly usable, accessible, and feature-rich.

Scope of services

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Design system overhaul

We conducted an end-to-end overhaul of Split's design system, including component development, design tokens, documentation, and socialization across product and engineering teams.

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Login and registration flows

We reimagined the login and new user registration flows, defining requirements, exploring low-fidelity designs, conducting visual design, and coordinating with engineering for implementation.

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Workspace object model

We collaborated on the conception and prototyping of the workspace object model, involving object hierarchy in the product, customer interviews, concept exploration, prototyping, and UI design.

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Competitor reviews

We conducted extensive competitor reviews to understand Split's position in the market relative to other feature flag and feature delivery platforms.

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Feature flag creation + editor experience

We developed extensive low-fidelity prototypes and UI designs to reimagine the Split (feature flag) creation and editor experience, collaborating closely with company leadership and project team members.

The challenge

As Split Software experienced rapid growth, its product team grappled with numerous challenges, including usability issues, a highly fragmented design system, and accessibility and UI/interaction design difficulties. It was critical for Split to enhance its user experience to align with its expanding customer base and market position.

Delivering success

Input UX's 18-month engagement with Split Software encompassed various product design initiatives. Our end-to-end design system overhaul brought cohesion and consistency to the product, while the reimagined login and registration flows improved the onboarding experience for new users.

We tackled complex challenges, such as the workspace object model, through extensive collaboration and customer-centric prototyping. Competitor reviews provided valuable insights into market positioning and feature development.

Our work in reimagining the Split (feature flag) creation and editor experience resulted in a streamlined and intuitive user experience for one of the product's flagship capabiliteis. The rollout of the new, enhanced experience is in progress, with users already praising the updated onboarding and administration features.

Split's commitment to user-centered design, combined with our expertise, has ensured that the next iteration of the product will meet user needs, enhance accessibility, and offer significant feature upgrades.

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