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In 2022, we partnered with Rezitrade to launch their innovative real estate insurance. Our work spanned from strategizing their market debut to crafting the customer experience.

Key to launch success, we:

  • Created customer personas with storyboards for six use cases, grounding our strategy in real user stories.
  • Designed journey maps, outlining key stages and emotions to simplify the buying process.
  • Developed a visual design language with mood boards that captured Rezitrade's essence for the American market.
  • Produced a 30+ screen low-fidelity prototype, setting the stage for content and interactions.
  • Delivered over 100 screens for the final interface, ensuring a seamless user journey from awareness to purchase.

Persona development

Using straightforward and relatable use-cases, we shaped Rezitrade's customer personas to vividly portray the varied individuals they serve. These personas, including first-time buyers like Lisa from Las Vegas and seasoned homeowners like the Diego family from Denver, were built from authentic narratives, reflecting their distinct goals, challenges, and needs. This pragmatic approach ensured that each step of the Rezitrade user journey was rooted in real-world applications, paving the way for a user interface that speaks directly to the heart of the customer's experience.

Customer journey mapping

The Customer Journey Map we created for Rezitrade was a comprehensive blueprint that charted the course of a customer's interaction with the Home Price Protection (HPP) offering. This map delineated the stages from initial awareness to loyal advocacy.

Key components of the map included:

  • Stages: We identified five primary stages of the customer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Delivery & Use, and Loyalty & Advocacy.
  • Touchpoints: For each stage, we pinpointed critical touchpoints such as the HPP website visit, product customization on the website, payment processes, and more.
  • Experience: We documented the customer's emotional journey, noting feelings and attitudes at each touchpoint — from curiosity to satisfaction.
  • Business Goals and KPIs: The map aligned customer actions with business objectives and defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success.
  • Ownership: We assigned responsibility for each stage, clarifying which team or technology would be accountable, ensuring that no detail was overlooked.

This journey map served as a strategic tool, guiding the team in creating a user experience that not only met business goals but also delivered a customer-centric service. It was instrumental in building a service blueprint that every team member could align with, from marketing to customer support, ensuring a cohesive and customer-focused approach across the organization.


For Rezitrade, storyboards were a vital tool in visualizing the customer journey, offering a step-by-step narrative of the user experience. Beginning with the initial problem identification, each storyboard panel delved into the customers' challenges, gradually leading to the discovery of Rezitrade's offerings. Through these sketches, we articulated how the product fits into and improves the customer's life, guiding them through consideration to the final purchase.

The illustrations served as a blueprint, ensuring that every stage of the interface design was grounded in the customers’ reality, facilitating a seamless purchase process. This method not only fostered empathy within the design team but also ensured that Rezitrade's solutions were presented in a context that resonated deeply with customers, ultimately cultivating trust and loyalty to the brand. The storyboards encapsulated the full arc of engagement — from initial awareness to the satisfaction and security that comes with being a Rezitrade customer, portraying not just a transaction but a relationship built over time.


The wireflows for Rezitrade served as a critical framework, bridging the gap between conceptual customer journeys and tangible user experiences. They meticulously charted the course customers would navigate, starting with initial engagement on the website, through providing property details, selecting coverage options, reviewing policy summaries, to the final purchase and confirmation stages.

These wireflows played a dual role: they were instrumental in outlining the content necessary at each step, and they established the foundation for the website's information architecture. By predicting and planning for user interactions, we ensured that content was not only strategically placed but also optimized for user comprehension and ease of navigation. This deliberate planning facilitated a coherent, intuitive path that empowered users to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence.

As a scaffold for both the UI design and the development teams, these wireflows became the blueprint for Rezitrade's digital platform, ensuring a seamless alignment between the customer's needs and the digital solutions provided.

Low-fidelity prototyping

The extensive set of low-fidelity wireframes we developed for Rezitrade was crucial in shaping the early stages of the website's design. By utilizing Axure, we crafted an interactive prototype that simulated the user experience across various breakpoints, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

These wireframes laid the groundwork for several essential aspects:

  • Navigation: We mapped out a clear and intuitive navigation system that allows users to move seamlessly through the site, ensuring that key information is accessible with minimal clicks.
  • Layouts: The wireframes provided a visual structure for the content, helping to balance text, images, and interactive elements in a way that promotes an engaging and logical user journey.
  • Content Presentation: By organizing the content in a hierarchical manner, we highlighted the most critical information, making it easy for users to scan and find what they need.
  • Interactive Elements: We identified where and how to incorporate interactive elements such as sliders, buttons, and forms, which enhanced the user engagement and facilitated the path to purchase.

This interactive prototype not only guided the design and development teams in creating a cohesive and user-friendly website but also acted as a tangible tool for stakeholder presentations and usability testing. It allowed for early detection and resolution of potential usability issues, ensuring a solid foundation for the high-fidelity designs and the final product.

Mood boards and design language

The creation of Rezitrade's visual design language was a pivotal chapter in shaping their brand identity. Through comprehensive mood boarding, we explored four distinct design directions, each capturing a unique facet of Rezitrade's brand essence. These mood boards were not mere collages of aesthetics but strategic visions that translated Rezitrade's values and goals into tangible visual elements.

Each mood board was a carefully curated collection of colors, typography, imagery, and formatting choices that together conveyed a coherent narrative:

  1. Urban Minimalist: A sleek, modern look that speaks to the sophisticated city dweller, utilizing a monochromatic palette with bold accents for clarity and focus.
  2. Corporate Cool: This mood board reflected a professional and trustworthy vibe, with cool blues and vibrant accent colors that communicate innovation and security.
  3. Brighter Life: A palette full of warm and inviting colors to resonate with family-oriented customers, suggesting safety, warmth, and the comfort of home.
  4. Simplicity, Illustrated: Here, simplicity was key, with clean lines and understated colors paired with hand-drawn illustrations to make the complex world of real estate insurance more approachable and understandable.

Each of these directions was more than just a style choice; they were visual stories waiting to be told, enabling Rezitrade to select the narrative that best matched their mission and audience. The mood boards served as a cornerstone for all subsequent design decisions, ensuring that every asset produced would resonate with the intended users and reinforce the Rezitrade brand consistently across all mediums.

Visual design

During the visual design phase for Rezitrade, we reached a pivotal milestone where our comprehensive understanding of user needs and brand identity converged into the creation of over 100 detailed screens. This phase was characterized by meticulous attention to detail and consistency across various device breakpoints, ensuring a seamless experience whether on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

To facilitate this, we developed a comprehensive Figma design system that acted as the single source of truth for all visual elements. This system included color palettes, typography, components, and interaction patterns, which were not only consistent with the brand’s visual language but also optimized for functionality and accessibility.

Working closely with Rezitrade's engineering and development partners, we ensured that the implementation of the design was faithful to our vision. This collaboration was key to maintaining the integrity of the user experience and visual design. Regular syncs and shared access to the Figma design system allowed for real-time updates and iterative improvements, fostering a dynamic and agile development environment.

The outcome was a visually cohesive and user-friendly digital presence for Rezitrade, one that resonated with users and supported them throughout their journey with the brand, from initial awareness to becoming loyal advocates.

Results and impact

In the aftermath of our comprehensive engagement with Rezitrade, the impact has been unmistakable. While the hard statistics are still being gathered, the success stories echo loudly through the corridors of customer feedback and public perception. The crescendo of this success is encapsulated in a stellar five-star rating on Trustpilot, a testament to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Our ongoing partnership with Rezitrade extends beyond launch; we continue to sculpt their digital presence through the development of targeted social media campaigns and bespoke landing pages. These efforts are designed to not only engage but also expand their audience, further solidifying Rezitrade's position as a leader in real estate insurance. The journey with Rezitrade is a vivid narrative of strategic innovation, design excellence, and market success—a story that we write together, with each new chapter surpassing the last.

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