Transforming AbbVie's Oncology R&D website for healthcare professionals

Information architecture
Low-fi prototyping
User interface design


Input UX collaborated with AbbVie to transform the online experience of the AbbVie Science microsite, a research and development platform focused on oncology and cancer research for US healthcare professionals. The existing website faced significant challenges, including a confusing information architecture, outdated user interface, misaligned visual design with the main AbbVie brand, and problematic content layouts. Input UX's engagement aimed to address these pain points and deliver an optimized, modern, and user-friendly experience that effectively showcased AbbVie's progress in cancer research.

Through a user-centric approach, we conducted an information architecture audit, created extensive low-fidelity responsive prototypes, and engaged stakeholders in a collaborative review process. Our team then crafted the visual/UI design, ensuring alignment with AbbVie brand standards. The project resulted in a revamped website that has been lauded by the medical community and AbbVie leadership for its improved usability, content delivery, and ability to engage healthcare professionals in AbbVie's oncology research initiatives.

Scope of services

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Information Architecture

We conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing information architecture and developed an optimized structure to enhance navigation, content organization, and information flow.

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Responsive Prototyping

We created extensive low-fidelity, responsive Axure prototypes of over 100 screens, simulating the proposed website experience and ensuring seamless adaptability across devices.

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Facilitating Buy-in

We engaged in internal stakeholder presentations and reviews to socialize and promote buy-in for the new information architecture and prototype direction, ensuring alignment with stakeholder vision and goals.

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User interface design

We crafted the visual design and UI of the new AbbVie Science website, adhering to AbbVie brand standards and ensuring a visually appealing, modern, and intuitive experience for users.

The challenge

The AbbVie Science microsite faced multiple challenges that hindered the user experience for healthcare professionals. The website's information architecture was confusing and overwhelming, causing difficulties in content discovery and navigation. The user interface design was outdated, and the visual design lacked alignment with the main AbbVie brand. Additionally, content layouts were not optimized for flow and consumption, resulting in suboptimal engagement with vital cancer research information.

Delivering success

Input UX's approach involved a thorough audit of the existing website, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. We developed an optimized information architecture that provided a clear and logical structure, ensuring effortless navigation. Our extensive prototyping process brought the new experience to life, allowing stakeholders to visualize the transformation.

The visual design and UI phase introduced a refreshed and modern look that aligned with the AbbVie brand, enhancing user engagement. The improved content layouts facilitated a seamless flow of information, optimizing consumption of research content.

The successful launch of the revamped AbbVie Science Oncology Research Website has made a positive impact on the medical community. Healthcare professionals can now efficiently discover and track AbbVie's contributions to cancer research, and the website has garnered praise from AbbVie leadership for its elevated online experience.

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