Streamlining and Optimizing Equisoft's Product Design System

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TLDR summary of this engagement

Equisoft, a leading provider of Insurance and investment software solutions, faced challenges with a fragmented and inconsistent design system approach across their three distinct product teams. With varying implementations in Native React and Material UI, and incomplete component libraries, Equisoft sought to establish a cohesive and robust design system strategy.

Input UX partnered with Equisoft to conduct an extensive audit of their existing design system, including component libraries, documentation, and front-end code. Through stakeholder consultations and a comprehensive review of the products, we delivered a detailed findings and recommendations report, guiding Equisoft's path forward in unifying their design system, selecting the foundation (Native React vs Material UI), and building internal expertise to maintain and grow their design system.

Scope of services

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Stakeholder consultations

We held consultations with product owners, engineers, and product designers to identify gaps, understand current state opportunities, and gather insights into the existing design system's roles, management and uptake.

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Product review

Our team conducted an extensive review of the three in-scope products, evaluating their deployment and design under the existing design system(s).

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Design system audit

We performed an in-depth audit of the existing design system, including Figma component libraries, documentation, and front-end code, to assess the level of completion and consistency.

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Findings & recommendations repoort

We prepared a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, providing guidance on investment in the design system, foundation selection, and strategies for building internal design system expertise.

The challenge

Equisoft's product teams operated with a highly fragmented design system approach that led to inconsistencies across their three distinct products. With some versions implemented in Native React and others in Material UI, the teams faced difficulties in establishing and maintaining a unified design system. Furthermore, varying degrees of completion on library components and a lack of resources compounded the challenges. Equisoft required a neutral third party to assess their current state and provide expert counsel on their path forward.

Delivering success

Input UX's collaborative approach involved engaging with Equisoft stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by product teams. Our design system audit provided a comprehensive overview of the current state, revealing opportunities for optimization and unification.

Our recommendations report served as a roadmap for Equisoft's design system strategy, offering insights on the selection of the foundation, investment planning, and developing internal capabilities. We outlined best practices for establishing, maintaining, and growing the design system to meet the needs of all product teams.

Equisoft's product leaders leveraged our recommendations to develop a robust and cohesive design system strategy. By laying the groundwork for a streamlined and consistent design system, Equisoft has strengthened their product development capabilities and created a solid foundation for future growth.

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