Redefining Capstone Copper's Digital Presence & Investor Experience

user interface design
low-fidelity prototyping
information architecture
brand adaptation

TLDR summary of this engagement

Input UX collaborated with Capstone Copper to redesign the company's corporate and investor relations website following its acquisition of Mantos Copper and subsequent renaming from Capstone Mining to Capstone Copper. The previous website was outdated, misaligned with the new brand, and lacked essential information for investors and environmental stewardship commitments.

Our engagement centered around a complete information architecture overhaul, extensive responsive prototyping, modernized visual design aligned with the new brand identity, and improved investor relations tools. We also liaised with external engineering and development partners to ensure a seamless implementation. The new website launched in the fall of 2022, quickly becoming a best-in-class resource within the mining industry and a valuable tool for investor audiences. Through its enhanced user experience, improved content organization, and modern visual appeal, the website effectively showcases Capstone Copper's corporate vision, brand values, and commitment to sustainability.

Scope of services

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Information architecture overhaul

We conducted a complete overhaul of the website's information architecture, enhancing navigation, content organization, and overall usability.

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Responsive, low-fidelity prototyping

We created extensive low-fidelity, responsive Axure prototypes, depicting the information design and content presentation for the new website.

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User interface design

We executed a comprehensive visual and user interface design overhaul to align with Capstone Copper's updated brand identity and voice.

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Liaising with development partners

We collaborated with external engineering and development partners to ensure the new user experience was fully realized through front-end development, interactions, and content presentation.

The challenge

Capstone Copper, formerly known as Capstone Mining, faced challenges with its previous website following the acquisition of Mantos Copper. The outdated website did not reflect the new brand and its personality and lacked essential information for investors. Additionally, the website did not adequately support the organization's continuing commitments to environmental stewardship and responsibility.

Delivering success

Input UX embarked on a comprehensive redesign of Capstone Copper's corporate and investor relations website. We began by revamping the information architecture, streamlining navigation and improving content presentation. Our responsive prototyping process brought the new experience to life, allowing stakeholders to visualize the transformation.

The visual design and UI phase introduced a refreshed look that aligned with Capstone Copper's updated brand identity. We worked closely with engineering and development partners to ensure that the front-end implementation met design specifications and delivered an interactive user experience.

The successful launch of Capstone Copper's new website in the fall of 2022 marked a significant milestone for the company. With its modern design, improved investor relations tools, and commitment to environmental responsibility, the website has become a best-in-class resource within the mining industry and a valuable asset for investor audiences.

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