Revolutionizing dental communication with Secure Send Mobile App

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User interface design


The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) partnered with Input UX to revolutionize dental communication by developing the Secure Send mobile app. As a trusted organization representing dentists across Canada, CDA recognized the need to modernize its existing communication platform, which relied on a dated and inconvenient web app. The vision was to introduce a more user-friendly and secure messaging experience, allowing dental professionals to communicate with colleagues, share sensitive patient information, and attach dental images such as x-rays seamlessly.

Input UX's role in this transformative project was comprehensive, encompassing multiple stages of planning, prototyping, and designing the Secure Send mobile app. The objective was to deliver a modern, intuitive, and secure experience that would replace the legacy web app, bringing convenience and efficiency to the fingertips of Canadian dentists.

Scope of services

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Information architecture

We conducted an in-depth analysis of user requirements and workflows to architect a seamless and intuitive structure for the Secure Send mobile app. Our goal was to ensure that the app's navigation and organization met the needs of busy dental professionals.

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We created wireflows to visualize the user journey within the app, identifying key interactions and defining the user flow for common tasks such as composing messages and attaching dental images.

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High & low fidelity rototyping

Leveraging Axure, we built and iterated on interactive prototypes to simulate the app's functionality, allowing stakeholders to experience and provide feedback on the proposed design. This iterative approach helped us refine the user experience.

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User interface design

Our team designed a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, prioritizing ease of use, accessibility, and consistency. We worked closely with the development team to ensure seamless implementation.

The challenge

CDA's existing web app for secure communication posed challenges for dentists who needed to exchange messages and dental images with colleagues. The dated and cumbersome web interface hindered effective communication, and dentists often had to log in through the CDA website to access messages. A lack of mobile support and an archaic messaging interface further limited its utility.

Delivering success

Our approach began with understanding the unique communication needs of dental professionals. By developing a mobile-first solution, we enabled dentists to communicate securely, access messages conveniently from their smartphones, and integrate imaging devices for effortless sharing of x-rays and dental images.

Key features, including push notifications and a user-friendly messaging interface, have transformed dental communication. The app's successful launch in 2021 has made Secure Send an invaluable tool, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the dental community.

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