User interface and interaction design

User interface (UI) and interaction (IXD) design refer to the polished, final visual experience that users will receive when using your digital product or platform. Unlike traditional graphic design, UI/IXD has added layers of complexity besides providing something that is merely visually pleasing.

The visual design process typically includes the following activities:

Visual design briefing to establish guiding principles drawn from research and business or brand requirements

Exploring visual design directions through style tiles or mood boards - abstract mockups with proposed combinations of color, typography, imagery and patterns

Static visualizations depicting the formatting of user interface components. This includes elements such as navigation systems, content cards, long-form content presentation, calls-to-action, and more. These visualizations are usually presented as responsive, full-screen mockups.

Interactive mockups demonstrating the behavior of user interface components. This will typically include mouse interactions, page or element transitions, and individual component affordances indicating how users may interact with them.

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Sample activities + deliverables

Static, vector-based screen mockups

Interactive mockups with interactions

Collaborative design review workflow suitable for large teams

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