Front end development

After the research, testing, design, and content planning have been completed, at long last, the build phase of a digital project lifecycle can begin. Front end development involves writing all of the structural and presentational code that will ultimately realize the experience in a user's web browser or on a mobile device. And while front end development is technically a code-writing exercise, we view it as a crucial part of the holistic user experience design process.

When we develop front end code on your behalf, we:

Build-in micro-interactions and behaviors that elevate the overall user experience as opposed to simply creating static components.

Conduct thorough browser, platform and device testing to ensure the UI presents and behaves consistently on all screen types.

Provide code reviews to client development teams to ensure styles and scripts can be easily integrated with application or CMS back-ends.

Produce documentation where necessary, which makes editing effortless and desk-flip-free

Code that's as beautiful as your design

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Sample activities + deliverables

Websites, email marketing templates, landing pages

Clean, modern, beautiful code

Browser, device and platform testing

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