Design systems and style guides

Visual design and UI behavior consistency are building blocks to a great digital experience. They promote familiarity and ease of use, preventing users from re-learning the interface as they move from screen to screen. And they're essential in creating trust and loyalty as they navigate your digital product.

By definition, a design system is a centralized library of components that can be shared across teams to simplify design and development while ensuring a consistent brand experience. Design systems can vary in complexity, ranging from simple visual design specifications to fully functional, coded components.

Design systems and style guides can:

Drastically reduce UI design time as they provide pre-defined patterns and components versus needing custom designs created for each use case

Ensure consistency in presentation and behavior throughout your digital platform, elevating usability and reducing cognitive load on users

Start small and grow as your business or software does. A modest initial investment in a design system helps set the stage for future use cases and UI requirements.

Transform designs into a design language

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Sample activities + deliverables

Style tiles and mood boards

Component libraries built for use with various third-party design tools

Live style guides with fully-coded and styled components

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