Tree testing

Tree testing is a usability technique for evaluating the findability of topics on a website. It's also known as 'reverse card sorting' or 'card-based classification'. Tree testing is done using a simplified text version of your site structure without navigation aids and visual design.

Your study participants will complete a tree testing activity online using their computer. They will be asked to nominate where they'd expect to find the answers to a series of tasks using your information architecture.

Like traditional card sorting, tree testing takes the guesswork out of information architecture planning as it allows you to focus user feedback on the IA without visual distractions. Tree testing helps us understand:

Is your website content hierarchy well-structured?

Is the taxonomy and navigation labelling appropriate?

Can users ultimately find what they're looking for?

Let your users help shape your website structure

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Sample activities + deliverables

Testing protocol and script for tree testing study

Analysis report with detailed visualizations and metrics

Recommendations for final site map, navigation system and content requirements

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