Children's Mercy Hospital

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Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City (CMH) is nationally recognized for delivering high-quality, compassionate pediatric care. The hospital is a non-profit that relies on donors to operate and provide world-class care for its patients.

Through a digital agency partner, we worked with CMH to turn an innovative donation campaign concept into reality. The birthday party donation hub allowed parents to organize their children’s birthday parties using donations in place of gifts from party attendees.

We began the process by mapping out the touchpoints for users and back-end processes to enable both the gift gallery and fulfillment for party planners. This diagram helped identify the functionality required to realize the birthday planning concept and the various components needed to be developed to power the campaign. Our scope of work included:

  1. Working with client and agency partners to build out the foundational concept into a viable, usable digital campaign, depicted in a platform/interplay visualization
  2. Preparing extensive, medium-fidelity wireframes to illustrate application flow and behavior, including account creation, party setup, gift gallery selection, and party launch
  3. Building out user flow variations for party hosts and party attendees
  4. Coordinating with a third-party visual designer to prepare responsive screen mockups
  5. Coordinating with third-party development partner Blackbaud through the entire front and back-end development process

Engagement details

An extensive set of low-fidelity wireframes were developed to fully realize the concept, showing the proposed experience for different audiences (party planners and party attendees). These wireframes played a crucial role in helping CMH’s third-party developer understand the scope and plan resources for the build. As part of this process, we conducted multiple walkthroughs of the wireframes with the development team to fully map out functional requirements.

Through our contributions, the project launched successfully on time and budget despite many challenges, including:

  1. A moving deliverable target in terms of feature sets as various newcomers were added to the project.
  2. Managing work across separate teams for development, visual design, and content development
  3. Responding to timing/resources challenges by the development partner


Axure RP
Low-fidelity prototyping
User interface design

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