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hello crypto is a fictitious brand developed to demonstrate a proposed user experience for a cryptocurrency trading platform. Cryptocurrency has had a negative stigma attached to it since the concept was first introduced in 2009, one associated with the dark web, hacking, and volatility.

We used this opportunity to reimagine a trading platform built specifically to dispel many of the misconceptions around cryptocurrency and introduce it in a friendly, simple, approachable fashion.

This work was conducted as part of a proof-of-concept exercise. We were provided with a basic product brief, the objectives being to introduce a low-friction, accessible alternative to other cryptocurrency trading tools available today. Our role in this project included:

  • Developing an approachable company name and visual identity
  • Preparing content and marketing messages to sell the service to new users
  • Creating an onboarding process consistent with existing FI/banking conventions
  • Building out a site architecture and user flow for common transactional tasks
  • Creating an extensive set of responsive, high-fidelity wireframes to demonstrate the full experience

Engagement details

We've been fortunate to work with many financial institutions throughout our history with deep expertise in banking, investments, insurance, and compliance. However, before this engagement, we hadn't yet had the opportunity to dive into the world of cryptocurrency.

This project was an exciting change for us. It combined our passion for UX with a learning opportunity around new subject matter - and the chance to develop an original concept from the ground up. Taking a basic, half-baked idea and turning it into something tangible and beautiful is something we pride ourselves on excelling at, and hello crypto virtually created itself over a couple of days.


Information architecture and content planning
Axure RP
Low-fidelity prototyping
User interface design

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