Web + app usability testing

Task-based usability tests are in-depth studies where we ask participants to complete a series of tasks using a proposed prototype, or sometimes even a live website. They offer an excellent framework to understand where you may need to further develop or refine solutions through both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Usability testing is typically conducted using a prototype as it exposes problems before anything is fully designed or coded. The earlier issues are identified and fixed; the less expensive the fixes will be in resources and project schedules. Through a usability test, we can:

Learn if participants are able to complete specified tasks successfully

Identify how long it takes to complete specified tasks

Determine how satisfied participants are with the proposed experience

Identify changes required to improve task completion and user satisfaction

Launch confidently by getting real user feedback

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Sample activities + deliverables

Testing protocol and script and recruiting plan

Moderated or unmoderated testing

Detailed recommendations report outlining changes to address problem areas and user feedback

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